Teaching an old dog new tricks!

Since not all existing AngularJS (1.x) projects can jump into using Angular (2+) and ng-upgrade may not be a feasible option for some, I decided to start creating a seed repo in GitHub to demonstrate AngularJS working with Webpack and ES6 syntax.


To me, ES6 syntax, in particular the introduction of import / export has ushered in a new era of writing JavaScript applications, including or old friend AngularJS.  By adopting ES6 syntax and following meaningful styleguide conventions like John Papa’s, these effort can really go a long way to improving the readability and organization of an existing AngularJS app.  Plus, if you can slowly migrate through the releases of AngularJS > 1.5, you can set yourself up for a migration path to Angular now.


This seed is not meant to be comprehensive, but just as a way to show that any existing AngularJS app can benefit from an ES6 upgrade, backed by Webpack.


Hope to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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